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Commercial Communications Policy

Líbere Hospitality S.L. informs the user that the commercial communications requested by the user, and/or if the user has not expressly objected to receiving such materials by marking the corresponding boxes on our forms, will be sent via the Mailchimp tool, which is managed by The Rocket Science Group LLC. This company’s servers are located in the US, a country whose legislation does not offer a level of data protection equivalent to that of Europe. However, you can review how this provider treats its data via the links provided to their cookie policies. By accepting the use of cookies, you consent to such international data transfer. This tool used to send commercial communications by email will include links and tiny and transparent images that will be associated with your email address. This means that, when one of these images is downloaded or the links contained in the email are accessed, Líbere Hospitality S.L. will know for statistical purposes whether the email has been opened, or if any link contained in the said email has been accessed. You can prevent such usage by configuring your mail manager or email program to prevent the automatic downloading of images, as well as by not accessing such links included in any of the emails you receive.

Within every commercial communication, the user may object to receiving this type of information in future through the specific mechanisms available to process the cancellation of such material. Where appropriate, the user may also request their right to revoke consent, as well as to object to, or delete data.


See the Privacy Policy.